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He is a brand visionary. He identifies meaningful business opportunities and positions brands in a powerful way, paying attention to every detail. He shaped the strategy of the company. He is passionate about building a dynamic, entrepreneurial company culture.


FERRATTI has accomplished the feat of creating culture far beyond the realm of Leather and Skins. Since its birth, FERRATTI has become the destination for the production of several global fashion brands.

More than twenty years have passed since the creation of FERRATTI. Ferratti focuses on smart innovation and the creation, development and design of products for its customers. It was attention to detail that pushed Ferratti beyond its main urban and fashion client.

FERRATTI was a leather and lifestyle brand for a wide range of customers inspired by fashion aesthetics and rooted in the lifestyle of modern men and women.

Ferratti manufacture for FASHION BRANDS, IMPORTERS , WHOLESALERS, RETAIL & DEPARTMENT STORES and develop and create collections for women and men: Shoes and Leather Jackets, Wallets, Bags, Handbags, Belts, Gloves and for special customers leather shoes for children and leather accessories.

By incorporating international impulses into its products and styles, the company expanded beyond national borders and became a manufacturer of international brands with a prominent dimension.

As a result, FERRATTI exports to the EU, JP, USA, CA, UK, RU, UAE, CN, KOREA. The company’s marketing strategy continues to show the target consumer that we are not just on the pulse.

FERRATTI creates the pulse through and the synergy between countless customers and brands that effectively sell a different lifestyle to their consumers in leather goods.

The company produces high quality leather artifacts and provides its CLIENTS with important and efficient business tools to be used and implemented in any SIPOC project (Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Client)

FERRATTI creates products and quality with specialized design, which allows the CLIENT to sell exclusive products and make a profit, and the end customer receives quality products at a fair price.

Differentiated design, innovative material and perfect finish are essential characteristics of all FERRATTI products.

These qualities are incorporated and attributed to the company based in Oliveira de Azeméis, the ideal place for the leather industry and the traditional manufacturer of shoes and leather goods. This region owes its privileged position in Portugal in the manufacture of leather goods

The regularity of the development of new products and raw materials for supply is done globally in different markets around the world, using different materials and different hides and skins: Cow, Sheep, Goat, Fish Skins and Exotic Skins.

The company’s philosophy continues to be excellence in exclusive leather production. Welcome to FERRATTI.


“Built the best quality product use business to inspire and implement clients solutions”


To be a benchmark in the market,
for brands that are admired in our sectors.


Quality, efficiency, cost, comfort and necessity are our DIRECTION.
Construction of a new path CREATING emotional response, perception of product value.
Create a strong relationship between the Creator, the Customer and the User.


FERRATTI covers 3 units a surface of 35.000 m² in the industrial area of Oliveira de Azemeis and Benedita and Felgueiras. high quality handcrafted shoes and leather garments and leather goods.

Three areas separate, ensuring that each of them has the specialist characteristics required to create the various different product types, while guaranteeing that both are efficiently managed and easily accessible

Leather Footwear

FERRATTI provides the following comprehensive service to our clients:

  • Assistance in the sourcing of components and raw materials on the local market.
  • Develop by experienced personnel of both sampling and bulk production on a daily basis from clicking (leather cutting) through to finished box stock checking.
  • The processing of sample requests and bulk orders with up date appraisals on our clients’ behalf of deliveries and ancillary transport information.
  • Current produce men’s, ladies’ and children’s footwear covering constructions as varied as:
    • Cemented
    • Blake stitched
    • Side-wall stitching
    • Stitchdown
    • San Crispino
    • California
    • True tubular moccasin
    • Goodyear

Outsoles can be leather, TPR, Rubber, PVC/Leather – Micro EVA or Polyurethane.

If a first visit by the client or their product development team is not possible, then at this stage, and in order to save time, all that would be needed for Ferratti to commence work on the client`s behalf would be:

  • Lead shoes with or without lasts in order to develop last forms and get a feeling for the type of article required.
  • Designs of shoes to develop for the various groups of constructions.
  • Lasts, material / colour specifications if already defined.
  • Price targets.

Leather Garments

FERRATTI offers the exclusive and high end service of custom made, tailored, and made to measure leather garments.

Ours clients range are:

  • brand name labels
  • clothing retailers
  • fashion retailers
  • fashion boutiques
  • luxury department stores
  • luxury designers
  • distributors
  • manufacturers
  • specialty retail apparel
  • specialty fashion retailers
  • design shops
  • buying agents

An unparalleled experience: custom creations right alongside the factory where the magic happens. From our experienced tailor, to pattern maker to production manager, experience the very best craftsmanship FERRATTI has to offer. From custom made leather jackets, tops, dresses, tailored leather garments, we can handle just about any leather garment project.

Make your own leather jacket: experience FERRATTI expert craftsmanship: From custom made leather jackets, tops, dresses, tailored leather garments, we can handle just about any leather garment project. We have the capability to prepare of the following and more: custom motorcycle jacket, wash leather jacket , bomber leather jacket, aviator leather jacket, biker leather jacket, custom design, classic leather jacket, vintage leather jacket, avangard leather jackets. We also make custom leather dresses, leather tops, leather camisoles, leather pants, leather shorts, leather skirts and more.

Leather Goods

FERRATTI creat develop an produce leather goods.

Men and Women:

  • Handbags
  • Bags
  • Travel Bags
  • Wallets
  • Purses
  • Belts
  • Back Packs
  • Shoulder Bags

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